Nature of the Project

Works involved the excavation of the existing road and the creation of a new diversionary route around the site, including pedestrian access. Works were then carried out to excavate and cut out a portion of the existing services duct. A new steel reinforced concrete duct was created using insitu concrete and formwork, surrounded by concrete piles, to link the new Non-Clinical Support building with the proposed maternity building. Once the duct was completed the link road was reinstated and the remainder of the duct not under the link road buried. Works are ongoing to reconnect all diverted services through the new duct.

Works Involved

 Large site clearance and excavation
 Excavation of 5m depth for the new duct
 Augured piling to form outer wall support
 In situ concrete pour of over 500m3
 Steel tying of reinforcement
 Use of formwork for concrete pour
 Reinstatement of existing link road and creation of new footpath
 Kerbing
 Drainage and ducting
 Erection of pedestrian guardrail and hoarding
 Surfacing of asphalt and bitmac
 Extensive mechanical and electrical works, including reconnection of existing and connection of new services.
 Erection of road signage