MP Coleman Cold Bagged Tar also known as ColMac is a specially designed product that can be laid cold (deferred set). It is packaged in 25kg for easy handling and is also supplied in one tonne bags and loose if required. It is also easy to use and doesn’t require expensive equipment.

Applications include
Temporary Repair
Road Crossings
Repairs to driveways
Fence posts etc

Step 1
ColMac is packed in a sealed bag which has a 3 month lifespan until the bag is open and recommended for temporary usage only.
Step 2
Perpare defective area, clean the edge of patch. Area to be surfaced should be well compacted and laid on clean stone.
Step 3
Level ColMac on prepared surface leaving the top of the material 25mm above existing surface.
Step 4
Compact the ColMac material until level with existing surface.


Why use ColMac?
Accredited Product
Cost effective
24 hours order turnaround